J.L. Lyon Elementary School

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Lyon Wins 1st in District at UIL Competition

 Lyon students did an outstanding job at the UIL competition on February 18.  And the winners are:

Ready Writing

3rd Grade

Emma B. – 3rd

Hailey H. – 6th

Alexia G. – 10th

4th Grade

Kade P. – 3rd

5th Grade

Jordan N. – 2nd

Katelyn W. – 4th


Number Sense

3rd Grade

Isabella B. – 5th

Stone H. – 8th

4th Grade

Kade P. – 5th

Raidn B. – 7th

5th Grade

Hunter F. – 1st



3rd Grade

Stone H. – 4th

4th Grade

Raidyn B. – 6th

5th Grade

Heighly I. – 6th

Iris Z. – 10th


Music Memory

3rd Grade

Eli Z. – 1st place (perfect score certificate)

Bella B. – 7th

4th Grade

Christina Z. – 4th

Lily B. – 7th

Emma H. – 8th

5th Grade

Justin Horn – 7th



4th Grade

Kade P. – 1st

Ethan B. – 2nd

Ty H. – 3rd

Jonathan F. – 6th

5th Grade

Hunter F. – 2nd

Gavin V. – 4th (tie)

Hayden S. – 4th (tie)

Atreyu P. – 8th