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Lori Ainsworth

Titles: Special Education- C - BESST, Teacher - Special Education

Sharon Alewine

Titles: Cafeteria Monitor, Cafeteria Monitor

Herbie Arellano

Titles: Kindergarten Bilingual, Teacher - Elementary

Jennifer Barrett

Titles: Counselor - Elementary, Counselor - Elementary

Tyler Behrens

Titles: 4th Grade ELA, Teacher - Elementary

Heather Braun

Titles: Aide - SPED, SPED Aide

Mary Buck

Titles: Tutor, Tutor - Elementary Math/Reading

Lety Camacho

Titles: Secretary - Principal Elementary, Secretary - Principal Elementary

Natalie Castloo

Titles: Librarian, Librarian - Elementary

Rachel Chase

Titles: Aide - Instructional, Campus Aide I