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Lyon Elementary Book Club


Lyon Elementary will have a Book Club this year for 4th grade students who love reading. A Book Club is a group of students who are reading the same book and who meet together to discuss what they’ve read. Book Clubs help students become stronger readers by combining collaborative learning with student-centered inquiry. The whole purpose of Book Clubs is for students to read and discuss literature with their peers.


The Book Club will meet during 4th grade lunch on Fridays in the library. Students will bring their lunch and their book to the library. For students who get a lunch tray from the cafeteria, a "FAST PASS" will be provided so they can go to the front of the line and get in the library quickly. Books used for the Book Club will be provided for all students. The Book Club will begin TBA Please note the Book Club will be limited to 10 students, so please return your forms as soon as possible to Mrs. Sabo.


Students considering joining the Book Club should:

  • Be willing to share thoughts and ideas among a group

  • Be responsible for items such as their Book Club book

  • Be readers who are capable of reading weekly


What will Students learn in a book club? Students will learn how to:

  • Discuss, define and explore unfamiliar words

  • Interact socially to share information and accomplish tasks

  • Engage in behaviors that elicit and sustain meaningful conversations with their peers

  • Respond to and build upon each other’s thinking about a text

  • Develop a theory or set of ideas that will drive their reading and discussions