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Class Schedule:
8:20 Morning Assembly
8:20-11:00 Rotation 1
specials 9:15-10:10 (music, art, PE,PE,PE)
11:00-1:45Rotattion 2
lunch 1:00-1:30
145-3:25 Rotation 3
Grading Policy: Students are allowed to make up one summative each nine weeks. A parent must request, in writing, within 5 days of receiving the summative that he/she would like a retake. The teacher will send home a review or corrections paper, and then the student will be able to make up that particular test. The higher of the two grades will be the one placed in the gradebook.

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All About Me

Hello Fourth Graders!

My name is Kristen Roden and I love teaching! After teaching Kindergarten for 17 years, I decided to try something new and refreshing! I figured, "Why not, let's go for the gusto!" I switched from Kindergarten to Fourth grade science and social studies. This is my fifth year and I am LOVING it! I just finished earning my Masters of Education in Early Childhood! Go Lumberjacks (really I am a UH Cougar at heart!).

I have 18 year old twins and a 12 year old daughter who is at Bear Branch! We are involved in many extracurricular activities which keep me pretty busy. In my spare time I love to go to the gym so I can do some spinning in spin class or some body combat where I get to beat up imaginary people! I'm sure the gym would work much better if I would just stop eating BUT what can I say? I love food!

This year will be an incredible journey for all of us!  Please feel free to contact me anytime. Either by phone or email and I promise to get back to you as quickly as possible. Let's have a fantastic year in fourth!


This year in science we will cover three areas:
Earth science
Physical science
Life science