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Welcome to 2nd Grade!
My name is Rosemary Thornton.  I have been at J. L. Lyon Elementary since it opened.
I have been teaching for 29 years.  I am married, have 3 children, and 5 grandchildren. 
I am now teaching math and science.  
8am Early morning Assembly in gym..
8:20  Success Starter
8:40  Whole group
9:00  Individual work
         Small groups
10:00 Science
11:05  Switch classes
11:10  Success Starter
11:25  Specials
11:25 -12:10  Conference time..
12:10-12:40  Lunch
12:40-1:10   Recess
1:10-1:30     Whole group   
1:30-2:30     Small group
                    Seat work
2:30-3:25     Science