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                          Welcome to LES P.E.

 Welcome Back Lyon students.  WE are excited to work with your student this year.  Mrs. Lopez and Mr. Wood will also be working in the gym again this year.  We will be sending home a P.E. schedule. This schedule will show the days each homeroom class will come to P.E.  Please have your child wear tennis shoes on P.E. days.  This is a district requirement.

Our goal is to encourage your child to live an active healthy lifestyle not only during P.E. but away from school too.  

P.E. for a reason:

 To stay in shape at all ages

   Learn skills to be better at sports.

   Learn activities that help you feel strong.

   Learn teamwork and how to help others.

   Learn exercises to make our hearts healthy.

   Learn new activities that are fun to do.

   Learn the practice and effort equal’s success.

   Learn how the body works.

   Learn skills to enjoy physical activity forever.

   LEARN:  If you don’t take care of your body, what will happen when you get older.